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The Self-Advocacy Empowerment Journal

“I have been in the darkness, in the fetal position feeling as if I would die. And like beeing in a boxing ring, on the canvas, I knew I had to go up! I had to stand up for myself, my truth, my children, and all of you …”


Maria Mastrodicasa is an international speaker, author, and Self-Advocacy Coach.

For every challange, Maria has developed a method to be her own advocate, and now shares her stories and suggestions that can empower you to succeed against the odds.

The Book

Book: “ You’ll Never…” : The Journey To What is Possible Through Self-Advocacy
Author: Maria Mastrodicasa

From impossible to possible…Creating the life you want through self-advocacy
This is the journey of a young girl from Brooklyn who was told “YOU’LL NEVER amount to anything.”

Maria Mastrodicasa left high school in the tenth grade determined to make a better life for herself despite struggling with dyslexia.

Maria’s drive for achievement and instinct for self-advocacy led her to Wall Street where she ran with the wolves and came out ahead of the pack, earning six figures by the time she was 26 years old.

Maria shares the powerful lessons she learned while battling the violence and apathy of the school system, the old boys’ network of Wall Street, and the heartbreak of domestic violence and divorce.

You’ll Never …

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Authors Biography:

A former Wall Street Broker, Maria Mastrodicasa is an international speaker, author and Self-Advocacy Coach .
Maria’s life-long commitment is that all women feel safe and valued in school, the workplace, and the home.

With 20 years of philanthropy experience, Maria is the founding member of The Jersey Shore Dream Center, a donor for Common Grounds non-profit, and a board member for The Guild of Ocean Medical Center.

Keynote Topics:

How to Advocate for the Life You Want (Health, Home and Business)
Go from Stress and Duress to Success (How to Speak with Authorities after a Domestic Violence Situation)
how to be Heard by your Attorney and in the Court Room (During a Litigation).
Why Settling is Unsettling How to AdvocateYour Case to Successful Completion
How to Selfadvocate when there is Harassment in the Workplace
® What to do when you hear Youll Never…”
How to navigate through Junior High and High School, the bullying, the drugs and possible danger.
Why you should not numb the pain when the going gets tough
How focusing out will shift your mind and pathway forward.
How taking time to heal will actually save you time, energy and possible heartbreak.

Maria & Betty


Dr. Betty Uribe interviews Maria Mastrodicasa Author of “You'll Never” The Journey of What Is Possible Through Self-Advocacy on her amazing book and the many lessons on how women think and the issues they go through in their lives that shape the way we think and act.

They have read it and …

Lessons learned …


Gabriele Howard
San Diego (CA)

I have had the pleasure of working with Maria for several years now and I have seen her create amazing results and momentum for people. Her grace, consistent approach and ability to listen to women is priceless. She truly understands what is needed to break through limiting beliefs, self-sabotage and the feeling of not being enough. She teaches women to advocate for themselves, to use their voices and to share their stories. Her coaching creates confidence, well-being and gets you closer to reaching your goals and dreams.

Nicole Pederson

Maria is an elegant, vibrant leader who continuously exhibits generous philanthropy to organizations she founded and supports. Her dedication to empowering and coaching women based on her life’s experiences is genuine and passionate. Anyone who has been in Maria’s presence knows that her life experiences have truly allowed her to learn, churn, and diffuse amazing pieces of wisdom and empathy to anyone who is looking for the tools to self-advocate for themselves, and elevate to a whole new level!

Stephanie Bohman

Thank you for being a guiding light and being a mentor to me, even when you don’t know it. “Who you be” is always striving to be your best self, by voicing your reasons as to why we (women) get to stop fighting and start advocating for ourselves. “Who you be” is a woman of the truest integrity and wisdom, using your story in order to shed light on a national issue that gets to be addresses. I wish we could see people for who they are when no one is looking for I know with out doubt that Maria’s words match her actions and I could not have asked for a better coach, mentor or friend.

About me

A former Wall Street Broker …

I am an international speaker, author and Self-Advocacy Coach .
My life-long commitment is that all women feel safe and valued in school, at their workplace, and at home.

With 20 years of globally experience.

– How to advocate for the life you want in health, relationships and business 
– Go from stress and duress to success ( How to speak to be seen and heard)
– Why settling can be unsettling – How to advocate for success and sanity
– What to do when you hear “you’ll Never…” How to turn it into I can, I will and I did
– How to navigate through school, the bullying, possible drugs and danger
– Why you should never numb the pain. How to push through the pain and see what is possible
– How focusing outward will shift your mind and pathway forward
– How taking your time to heal will save you time, energy, and possible heartbreak.
– Use Exercise and eating well, will build your confidence 

with love, Maria Mastrodicasa

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