Ms. Jenna Ballard

Cofounder of Ascension Leadership Academy

“From growing up with undiagnosed dyslexia to rebuilding her life after enduring a heartbreaking divorce, and all the exciting ups and devastating downs in between,

Maria Mastrodicasa has had multiple opportunities to learn the importance of self-advocacy and values for self, family and others. Her book provides valuable and usable lessons for women experiencing challenges at home and in the workplace that may initially feel insurmountable.

I passionately support her for teaching women how to powerfully rise up against the challenges that come with all kinds of abuse, sexual harassment, and shame.

This is the journey that Maria, along with so many other women, has experienced.
She brings her stories to life in her book YOU’LL NEVER in a way that will motivate you to show the naysayers of life what you’re actually made of.”